CC5D Schedule of Events


Friday October 16th- Exhibitions Only

Exhibitions will be held in the main arena from 1:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. and are open to everyone. If you have entered the race, you will not have to pay an office charge. If you have not entered the race, you will pay a $10 office fee. Exhibitions are $5 each.


You MUST pre enter for Exhibitions on Wednesday October 14th, from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. The number to text is (254)431-7550.


Saturday October 17th & October 18th:

10:00 am - Open 5D $60.00 Entry Fee - $2500.00 Added each day (Separate races)

Incentive Side Pots on Saturday and Sunday: Youth/Adult/Senior – separate races each day.

Buckles to the winners of each D in the 5D Open Race on Saturday and Sunday.

You can enter online with credit card or mail in with check. No Walk Up Entries.



Draw will be posted to our website under CC5D draw no later than the evening of  October 16th, 2020.

There will be a one-time/week-end $20 office fee per rider.

OPEN 5D & Incentive 4D

The Main Race is a 5D format (1/2 second split between divisions) with a 75% progressive payback (Percentages – 28%, 24%, 20%, 16%, 12%). The Main Race is a separate race each day. Incentive Races are a 4D format (1/2 second split between divisions with a 75% progressive payback (Percentages – 30%, 27%, 23%, 20%.) Each Incentive Race is a separate race each day.

$60.00 Entry Fee on Saturday and Sunday (two separate races)  $2500.00 added each day, and 5 Buckles for the winners of each D on both days.

$25.00 Entry Fee for Rider Age 4D Incentive Races. This is a side-pot of the Open 5D and entering is optional.  (Must carry Fastest Time Over From the Open 5D) Pay-off will be computed so that last hole will win a minimum of their entry fee. Youth Rider - 17 years and younger   Adult Rider - 18 - 49 years   Senior Rider - 50 years and over (Riders age based on Jan 1, 2020)

Checks and prizes will not be awarded to winners until Lone Star Arena has a current W9 Form on file for the year.  W9 Forms can be found on-line.

You can only win one buckle on the same horse/rider combination.  If you happen to win more than one, the award from the slower of the times will be passed to the next place down in that D.



DRESS CODE & FINES:  All contestants must wear a long-sleeved shirt, wear long pants and cowboy boots or equestrian sport shoes. Caps are not permitted. NOTE: If the hat falls off and lands in the alleyway or arena, a $10 Dress Code Fine Will be assessed.  Helmets are not required, but all contestants are encouraged to wear one.  Any contestant not wearing the proper attire in the arena will be assessed a $25 fine.  (Periodically, other options or Dress Code modifications for certain events will be announced by Lone Star Arena Managements.)

CIRCLING BARRELS MORE THAN ONE TIME:  A $10.00 fine will be enforced. At the announcer's discretion, the barrel that was circled more than once may need to be drug to be fair to the next contestant. Please don't circle more than one time, this is not fair to the other racers.

ALLEY RULES:  Only one horse/rider may be in the arena at any given time.  A contestant can have someone assist them into the alley only, but must exit the alley before the contestant turns the 2nd barrel or the rider will receive a $10 fine.  The rider will be given a no time if the person assisting crosses the plane of the alley into the arena.

RE-RUN RULES:  Re-runs shall be granted if the timer fails to work properly, unless a barrel has been turned over resulting in a “no time”.  If the barrels are not placed properly on their markers, a re-run shall also be granted without any penalties being applied;.  Any penalty occurring on the rerun shall result in a “no time”.

TIME LIMIT: If a contestant attempts to enter the arena, but is unable to get the horse down the alleyway or chooses to not come when his/her is called, after the second call, the gateman will give the rider 60 seconds to enter the arena.  At the end of 60 seconds if the horse has not broken the plane at the end of the alleyway into the arena, the rider will be disqualified.

VET OUT / MED OUT / DRAW OUT  A full refund will be granted to all contestants regardless of the reason less a $25.00 per horse service fee. The “Draw out Form” must be completed and returned to the show secretary no later than 8:00 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday to receive a refund.  After those listed times, no refunds will be given for any reason.   Refunds will be mailed following the show after all checks have cleared.

HORSE SUBSTITUTIONS/CHANGES  You can substitute a horse in this barrel race, however if the horse is already entered for that section, you cannot place him into another draw position in that section. Any horse substitution must be made with the show secretary, in writing, at least one hour prior to your run.  For substitutions/changes, you must fill out the “Change Form” and turn the form into the show secretary along with a $10 change fee 1 hour prior to your run.

RIDER SUBSTITUTIONS  You can substitute a rider in this barrel race.  Any rider substitution must be made with the show secretary, in writing, at least one hour prior to your run.  If this is a new rider that was not previously entered in the race, the rider will need to pay the $20 processing fee. For substitutions/changes, you must fill out the “Change Form” and turn the form into the show secretary along with a $10 change fee one hour prior to your run.

SECTION CHANGE  You can change the section you are running in, if there are still holes available in another section.  You must fill out a “Change Form” along with a $10 change fee and present it to the show office prior to the start of your section.  You will be given comparable ground in your new section if it's available.

NO SWITCHING  Contestants switching draw positions on their horses will receive a NO TIME. If a contestant runs out of turn or falsely runs using another contestant’s name, they will receive a NO TIME.

PRE-ENTRY DRAW  We will do our best to accommodate NECESSARY special requests. We will not aid anyone in receiving a select place in the draw or a preferred spot on the ground, but will accommodate for the following reasons; 1. If you are running multiple horses, we will do our best to give you 1 hour or approximately 60 runs between your horses.  You can make an alternate request, if possible, we will accommodate.    2. If you are traveling with a partner we will do our best to make sure you run within approximately 100 runs of each other.  You can make an alternate request, if possible, we will accommodate. Make sure to note “traveling buddies” on your entry form. 3. If you need to run later in the evening, you can pre-enter, note on your entry to “draw with the late draws”.

LATE DRAW  All Late Entries received by mail after the postmark date will be drawn no later than Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020.

CHECKS & AWARDS   Awards will be presented following the race.  Checks will be mailed the Wednesday following the race.  Checks will be mailed to address on the entry form. Any awards not claimed at the conclusion of the race, will be mailed COD to the winning person at their request or held for 30 days. After 30 days, the unclaimed awards will be forfeited.

TIES:  If any contestant’s times are tied, the prize money will be split equally and a flip of a coin between the tied contestants will determine the tie for the awards.

RETURNED CHECKS  There is a $40 service charge on all returned checks from the bank, for any reason. If a check is not replaced with a cashier's check or money order within 30 days after the check is dated, the contestant will be put on the "ineligible" list. Lone Star Arena will pursue legal remedies to collect on all returned checks.

HORSES MUST BE STALLED  All horses spending the night must be stalled in a Lone Star Arena Stall.  Horses that are not stalled will be impounded and a fee of $35 required to release the horse. 314 stalls are available for $25 per night.  One $10 bag of shavings is required.  (NO OUTSIDE SHAVINGS) Maintaining clean healthy stalls is our goal, as a result, no outside shavings are allowed.  Any horse that is found in a stall that has not been assigned to that horse will be removed by the Lone Star Staff and locked up. A charge of $25 will be assessed and must be paid prior to the release of the horse.  RV  parking places are available for $25 per night. We have a total of 70 Spaces that are available.

DOGS  All dogs must be on a leash at all times. A $20.00 fine will be accessed for failure to follow this rule.

General Rules and CC5D Rules that are not addressed on this page can be found at the arena website: